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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yesterday I told my friend Bhavar Garg to shoot some stones images .Today he had come with this nice stones picture . I think I could use this image in my 3d creation as texture . In rural villages there are plenty of stones so you will find more stones imges in future posts . I like to Make texture backgrounds in photoshop . I made 4000 texture in photoshop in last two years .
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I mention Before that I love images in which fire play a major role . .This image has taken from rural school of our district where food had been cocking on Chulha for small children .In rural areas still food cook on chulha not gas . Below image is one of them I like most . I think fire is sign of zest .


Rangoli is prominent in rural villages . This image has a 4 colour Cyan ,Red,Green,Blue and White. I took it into photoshop . Here i use Gaussian filter to make image little bit blurry. Rangoli is made by gulal. Women take interest to make Rangoli on festivals .Today my friend woke up early in the morning went to pond near our village to shoot some nice sun rise image. I will post them in next coming post.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Below image is of karva .Karva are used in the festival called Karva Choth. This is festive season . Tomorrow is day for karva choth . It is very popular in both Indian rural and urban areas .Mainly this festivals is belong to married women . Women do worship for their husbands to make them live longer . If you want to see great images created in photoshop and some great photoshop tutorial from bert monoroy chek out his great website . Here is link


This is image of kaddu . Kaddu is vegetable in a rural villages of India . It is eat by local people generally in winter season . In vagad kaddu also called coda . It is very tasty Truly I do not like much this vegetable . whenever this is made in our Kitchen I tell my mother to make one more vegetable for me since I do not want to eat this .

Friday, October 26, 2007


Now this is time for confession . Today I didn’t do any bad habits . I had sleep only ½ hour today . I did not do not bad but even deadly routine today . what is that I would explain all of you at right time .For now I would like to say simply one thing that I am doing progress very slowly but in right direction . I am still in the game is very important . If you want weekly video quick tips for photoshop please log on photoshop quick tips . It's all for tody see you tomorrow morning .Have a nice day .


I made duplicate layer and change color doge mode to make image more yellowish . I create a selection with elliptical marquee tool . After that I use hue and saturation adjustment layer from layer palette and decrease the lightness value . I also smooth mask with gaussion blur so that change look more smooth and gentle. Today I ask a question at adobe premier forums about my dual core processors . My question is intel dual core 2140 is good for video editing . If you have answer please go to adobe forums and give answer of my question . Here is link You can also mail me at .

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Opps Error !

Today i want to share with you my personal think . I have some bad habits as I think so . I want to destroy them if I am not they will destroy me . Truly habits are not as bad as I think . But problem is I want to make myself great person of this history . So there is no room for any bad habit no matter how does it is . so from today now I will continue post some amazing bad things about me . I think it would help me to left my bad habits.
Hay ! we have been facing constantly a message from gamil when we try to sign in google account called oops 008 .It is really funy . whay Both our pc and laptop gamil is causing problem . Sometimes my friend even not could not send important news to newspaper beacause of oops 008. Now i am not able to post my image so only read and enjoy . That is for today . see you tomorrow.

Dark Cloud

Hi everybody i have news for you . i am going to start our new blog about how i am going to become greatest man of the world ever very soon . Please continue to read our blog . it will have a great untold story about how i have been fight with depression for last 5 years . Now i am moving back to my track and i think in next few month i unfold my strategy about future what is going to happen untill that keep reading my bad blogging .


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Green Mountains

We made several changes to this picture . Original picture had lack of contrast . First I copy background layer then I change mode of layer called copy background to overlay . It add slightly green to image . In fact I also merged layer then apply color doge mode to layer as I apply oberlay in first step . .It turn blue part of my image into completely white . I took some nice image with huge clouds and cut the cloud’s region in the picture and past into below image . I make use of color balance to add some cyan in the picture .


Monday, October 22, 2007

Kabootar On Top

This is very attractive image . Kabootra is sit on top branh of tree. This image is become my all time favorite so far . This is very cool picture . I can’t imagine how my friend capture this wonderful image . It has some more yellow . I use photo filter command from image menu > adjustment >photo filter to make image more cool . I think Kabootra has message for all communities to keep peace in any kind of circumstances .I like his white color . Really it is very pleasurable . That is for today . Have a nice day . See you tomorrow

Holy Stair

This image from nandni mata temple 30 km away from our town . My friend visit this site last Monday . There are outlandish stones . Strange voice come from stones when hit something on them . A tv reporter request my friend to show this peak . Reporter had recorded stones voice to show in weekly program called ajab gajab . These stair are only way for visitor to go up on sacred peak .
If you are great fan of Bert monory . visit his weekly podcast site for photoshop and illustator tips . Here is link

Birth Place Of Guruji

I do not want to talk much about this image . Just I would like say to only 2 world great image .

Mahatma Ji

Today I went with my friend name appu to get driving license . Officers told me that we would get it by 7 pm . First time in 3 years I feel that I have not time for my friend. When he was on my room . I thought that my precious time is running without my permission. So I told my friend very graciously that he should go now as we would get license at 7 pm . Now days I feel some self esteem . It is good sign for my future . (sorry appu ) . Hay i am learning some great tips tips both premier and 3ds max . For 3ds max tutorial log on ted boardman visulization blog Here is link

Green Mountains

Hello . I thinkd i had done mistake . I cropped this image so much . so please forgive me . I have no world for this image But i want to say one think my friend shoot this nice image very well. only i did mistake .

Old Man

It was capture 2 months ego . Yesterday my friend was fuming on me as I post some old photo in post of 20th October . It is one another chance to my friend to being annoyed on me because today I post some old photos once again . My friend told me that I will do comment for 20th October post that this photos are old . Hay, my great friend do not angry on me . Just feel cool breeze as this is going slowly never come again as I am .

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hello This is my last post for today . . My watch is showing 2 am . Now I am going to sleep


Hello everbody !
My friend shoot this picture from his spiritual visit to Thirupa temple last night with his family . He is very devoted to thripura ma . He has been doing upvass for last 8 days .
If you daily visitor of flickr please check out my friend collection . we recently added this to flickr . Here is link . we post some great image on flickr days to come. please wait for some days .

Kajur ka pad

This image of kajur tree is shoot from very busy road . Hay find where is word called peace affix in the image . If you find please do sth for peace . I am trying to myself be calm and peacful in these days . One more web site for premier tutorial . Here is link

Tree huging each other

I made promise to all of you to post some closer look of two trees hugging each other .Now I am posting this attractive picture . see below for image . I wrote much about this image in my last week post . so please read my post of Friday 12th octomber. Keep scrolling down for more images . If you are interested to find some information about web site you visit frequently . please visit this site . Here is link . It show you rank and much more information regarding your site ..

Pink Flower

This image is extremely pleasant for eyes . I put in some pink color . Furthermore I use brighten contrast adjustment to make image more striking . I use shape tool to draw 4 lines . Each of them attach at flower center point . I affix text called peace and reduce opacity about 60-70 % . of layer . I satisfied with this compositing . I love this word “peace” I found number of great video Tutorial last night for adobe premier . Here is link

I Want Peace

Hi every body very good evening , this is my first in last 5 days . This image is taken by my buddy as usual . I remove some paper and using clone tool and some grass in the image . Today I apply color doge command .At first copy background layer then apply color doge command . Yesterday my friend and I talk much about my mission 2011 .
I also took custom shape and add some text. I took custom shape You know he always being bored when I talk about change 2011 . But last day I think he listen very carefully my words . we both went to main bazaar of our town and drink chay at famous hotel . Today image of navratri occasion was published in news paper paper shoot by Guriji (My friend ) . I call him guruji Because I respect him very much . In India guruji means a very respected person . I don,t remember that I ever called him by his name .

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ludkan Baba

I would like to write for this image . I wanted to post this image before 2 days but I could not post this because of blogger had been collapsed for days in my pc . Ludkan baba had come in our town last week.
Luckily My friend had been come from his office and saw ludkan baba . At once he opened his camera and capture this image . Before this I had no knowledge about ludkan baba . He told me how ludkan baba have been wondering for spiritual places one by one by lying on road constantly for several years . In fact I amazed to hear this fact about ludkan baba .
One thing I would like to share with you that I care my friend so much . He is a nice and intelligent man for me . He have been helping me regularly for last years . Truly he is a excellent guy . If you are looking for Photoshop video tutorial. Here is link . see you tomorrow .

Bhutta Photo

This is my second post for today . I choose image for posting is capture last Monday . I wouldn’t like write so much on this image . Observe image and enjoy !

Friday, October 12, 2007

Today Is Friday

Last time i could not post my image since my was was blogger not open . Therefore today I post more images then ever . just keep scrolling . Image below is shoot through window . Image show two trees are embracing each other . It is very abnormal to find two different trees hold closely each other . we would like to publish this picture in local newspaper . But Newpapers did not take interest in this kind of fresh images . My friend like image below so much that even he had done recording several time of this place .
This is a very well known place among neighboring villages . Approximately hundreds of people come to see this wonderful place . Next week I will post closer look of image so you can see how so beautifully trees are hold their arm each other . So next week please come again .

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

NO IMage

Today I got nothing from friend .He had a minor accident yesterday. He called me on mobile from his school and inform me about accident . Generally he drives very slowly so it is very shocking to know that he made the accident . Fortunately he got only minor injuries on his left leg . In the evening my friend explained what was happened earlier today . I am thankful to god that everybody is safe .
Early this morning both we Complete a excellent font effect using some layer style and channel palatte . we use some filter to attain desire results as well . Before this we read a very good tutorial on internet about font effects . I Forget this site name so I post his link next time I post .
Now back to today’s post . Today I have two images for post . This picture is of ludkan baba . He is very famous for his spiritual journey through by laying on the road .
Today I decided to make DVD is comprise several pictures shoot by my friend for last 6 month . At this moment I am telling my manish (friend) how to install os on pc through his bulky and unbreakable mobile phone. So I discontinued internet connection to attend his call. He made several call in last half an hour. Finally I received his call . He came our office 4 hours ago . we are very discontented with his attitude for the graphic designing . He always make promises but never execute them . Now I am waiting for his another call for further instructions to how install os . Today I searche on internet for freeware to convert my mpeg to avi. At the present I am writing my post offline.

Today I found very good video podcast for illustrator on internet . Here is link .

Monday, October 8, 2007


This image is from last month shoot . Last Month I retouch it in photoshop to post this excellent picture but forget to post this . Today I found this in folder named blog on my hard disk .I don’t remember where it was shoot while I memorize some color adjustment made in photoshop . I do not like too much yellow in image . so at first I alter yellow color to green with Photo filter command from adjustment in image menu . I use blur filter to add smoothness as well.

Kisan image

Good morning everybody . last night My os is crash so I re install it . I forget to backup files on My desktop . Some of them were action which I made to use in my image editor . I lost my friends images as well . He was annoyed .
Now I going to post some image from yesterday shoot. My friend went to village close to our town . Farmer had stopped as he saw my friend with camera . However my friend told him to carry on . while farmer had been busy in his work . He shoot this fine looking photograph. if you are a graphic desigher and want some great text effects . Here is link for best-80-photoshop-text effects .


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Garg Photography

Here is another image of my friend . He is doing puja for a spiritual occasion in this image . My friend is very spiritual man . puja (worship)is a passion for him . He do puja about 1 hour everday . He have a great faith in god . He regularly visit asha pura manditr for worship .
In photoshop i make it darker little bit . I think it has additional brightness that I usually scene in picture .Now I reveal secret it was captue by my bhabhi (friend’s wife) unexpectedly .For photoshop tutorial proffessional work visit . I think that this is great site for photoshop tutorial .

Garg Photography

Today i want to post two images of friend . I shoot this image last week . Both we went to famous temple of sai baba . Suddenly I thought to take a picture . It was getting darker . I think this was my first image from our new digital camera so I enjoyed very much . I am not professional photographer like my friend so at first I had trouble to handle camera. I was follow my friend instruction .
He show me how change digital camera setting according to situation . It was nice to hear his word for photography . Yesterday my buddy manish and I went to my friend school . It was saind to know that my friend was on leave. Both we returned back to our town . we were on motocyle . My friend had no money in his pocket . so I gave him 20 rupees fo petrol .

Now come back to photoshop. As always I take it into photoshop and do some alteration . I reduce size and resolution . I decrease resolution 200 to 72 . For saving this picture I use save for web dialog box . If you are photographer please visit for camera reviews . Have great Sunday . enjoy!

bhavar garg bhanvar

Friday, October 5, 2007

This is my second post for today . This image is from rural school. In real there is white letter on black board . But I wanted to do some different . So I turn letters in green . Besides this I also did some color corrections . But I simply like this , Green add depth and beauty in the this image . I would like to tell that green is my favorite color .I preferred green whenever is possible .

This is my first post for today . My friend locate this place when he was returning from his school . He went his uncle's home . Suddenly he remembered this place as he visit this before some years ago. As always he had his canon 450 powershot .
He decided to shoot some nice images .I am going to post this iamge . Both me and my friend like this image because river is passing through jungle . My friend told me that this place is a very calm and peaceful for visitors . He had spent 1 hour there with his family .

Fefore posting I also visit for modeling tutorial . I found only one tutorial for this category . But I found site is very useful for newcomers and professional photoshoppers as well..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Clone Tool

I received this image before just i post for today .Actullay this image had no flower . I add flower to make more beautiful and dramatic. I use clone tool to insert flower and brush tool with multiply mode to enhance flower color . I want to post another two image for today . My friend told me to post them as early as possible because he like them most .

Today cricket mach is going on between india and austrila . I feel very said to see that my favourite player sorabh ganguli not in last 11. I am not proficient with clone tool . But I always like clone to give images very strange look . Although my friend have acamera with only 5 mp capcity . I always amazed to see his excellent photography. constanty my friend give me images for practice .



Hi, everybody . This Image was taken last Monday . I did some color correction. I add green and red . I use Hiue and saturaion adjestment command . Several time before i told you that i am learning adobe premier in well known institute. So i always chek internet for premier tutorial . Last night i found a very nice video tutorial for premier .
I learned sth new about keyframes and video tracks . It was great experience to learn premier tips and tricks from internet . I am enjoing to leaning premier . If you want to more about premier please check out adobe website .Here is link . I read so much about final cut pro and premier . I go with premier because i am window user .