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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Opps Error !

Today i want to share with you my personal think . I have some bad habits as I think so . I want to destroy them if I am not they will destroy me . Truly habits are not as bad as I think . But problem is I want to make myself great person of this history . So there is no room for any bad habit no matter how does it is . so from today now I will continue post some amazing bad things about me . I think it would help me to left my bad habits.
Hay ! we have been facing constantly a message from gamil when we try to sign in google account called oops 008 .It is really funy . whay Both our pc and laptop gamil is causing problem . Sometimes my friend even not could not send important news to newspaper beacause of oops 008. Now i am not able to post my image so only read and enjoy . That is for today . see you tomorrow.