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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Image Of Giloy(Amrita)

Since swine flu beacome cause of many death in india.Only some aurvedic specilist give advise to cure swine flu from old herb named giloy in hindi and in sanskirt called Amrita.Hounrable baba ramdev also suggets to take giloy to cure swine flu and feaver .

I had been searching for giloy untill this morning . I found it in rural village named limthana 10 km away from banswara. Today we get to know that giloy has found throught the rural india .It can easily found on feces made to protect rural fields from animals .

Below image of Giloy so you can easily found this amazing plant whenever you found this around you.
Click this link to more about how giloy help to cure swine flu. In this you tube link baba ramdev tell about how giloy cure swine flu

Friday, August 14, 2009

Google Forget Birth day Of Krishna bagvan

Today when i open . I am surprised to see that google logo is realated to hounrable Hans Christian ├śrsted .Today In india we are celebrating birth day of (janmashtami) krishan bagvan.I am not saying about but in theshould respect indian feelings.In india how they forget lord krishan's birthday really it hurt me lot.
I know it is only google who decide to show whatever they want on their front page but they should respect our god.

Anyway happy Janmashtami and happy birthday of hans christian orsted.
Want to know more about Krishna Janmashtami visit this wikipedia link
Below image is about google logo created by me which i think it should have on google front page today.I am not logo maker but i try to show my feelings