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Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Republic Day Of India !

Happy Republic Day Of India

republic day of india,banswara

Master Surajmal 'The Freedom Fighter Of India'

This is a image of Master Surajmal the freedom figthter of india and hounarable senior citizen of banswara. Master Surajmal resigned from his government post and took part in freedom movement of india.He was also being honored by honorable Dr A.P.J.Abdul kalam former president of India on 9th august 2005.We are also planning to get his interview and publish his unforgettable experiences for all our great readers in next few weeks .
Happy Republic Day
freedom fighter of india,banswara,surajmal,inidan freedom fighters

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chinch Brahma Mandir (Temple)

This is image taken from village named chinch Famous for its 12th century Brahma Mandir (temple) I am posting two images of Brahma Mandir temple of chinch . image From left is outer look of Brama Mandir and right is beautiful statue Of Lord Brama (Bhagvan,god). Please click on the image for Larger version.
indian temple,brahma mandir temple,banswara temple

Another Image Of Sugarcane

I forget to post this image in last post .so here i post another image of sugarcane from rural village .In the below image villagers are bargaining to buy a sugarcane at reasonable price.rural India


Banswara’s market is filled with sugarcane now days . Bunch of rural villagers are coming to banswara city to sell the sugarcane in these days. Sugarcane is sold about 10 Rs/sugarcane.If You have strong teeth then bite it and enjoy . Have nice bite .rural India

Raslila At Vitthal dev Mandir (Temple)

Below picture is taken at 5 am this morning from vitthal dev mandir (temple) 15 km from Banswara our home town.Men are plyaing Ras lila is very famous in vagad . I would also post vitthal dev Bhagvan image after few weeks. Keep reading our blog .


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bhavar Garg With His Family

Below image is taken just 3 hours ago from vithel dev fair (mela ) . In this image You can see my dear buddy bhavar garg first from the right with his family . Bhavar garg had visit this evening vithal dev fair very famous in banswara district of Rajasthan.Bhavar Garg

Yog Shivir

This is image taken by Bhavar garg from yog shivir in first week of this moth. He woke up early in the morning and went to the site of yog shivir and capture this nice image. About two thousand People had come in the ground named kushalbag early in the morning and do the yoga exerxices during yog shivir and keep themeselves healthy
>Bhavar Garg

Newly Married Bridegroom Doing shopping In Market Of Banswara

This is image of Bridegroom married recently in rural towns of Banswara . Newly married Bridegrooms come to market with their friends for shopping in banswara’s market.rural India

Girl Of Rural India

In The image below girl of rural india wear a cloth with red and white spot . This kind of cloth only wear by unmarried girl In Banswara district of Rajasthan. I am not sure but I think These clothes are called Tukada (piece) in vagadi the language spoken mostly in Banswara and Dungrapur district of Rajasthan..

girl rural india

Monday, January 21, 2008

Egg Distributor carrying eggs on his scooter

This image is taken from banswara . Egg distributor is carriting eggs to supply in market . It is amazing that how he carry lot of eggs on his scooter without any help .rural India

Sabji Mandi Of Banswara (vegetables market banswara )

This is first post in last seven days due failure my internet connection
Below image is taken from vegetables market of Banswara. Most of vegetables are imported from rural town in near Banswara .

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Amar Bel ! The destroyer Of Tree

This is image of amar bel .It destroy the tree whichever stick with amar bel .I draw a white circle so you could easily see amar bel in below image.amarbel

Laborer Is Taking Rest At Afternoon

In the below image honorable laborer is taking rest at afternoon after his hard working job done .Please notice great smile and satisfaction he have on his face . This is a great character of Indian rural laborer .He always smile whether the condition around him support him or not .
I thankful to him to learn me how to live life without any anxiety despite all hurdles we face in our life .rural India

Monday, January 14, 2008

Roads are digging by laborer for earn money

In the below image laborer are digging the road for underground cables . I already post two image related to digging roads in rural india in the last year . I think it may cause trouble in traffic .But I know poor laborer get their daily income from this kind of digging of road . So I wish digging would continue until poor laborer get good job to earn money make their life better.
Click on the image to see larger versionrural India

Banswara's Bamboo (Bans)

This is image of bamboo It is said that banswara’s name derived from Bans (hindi world) called Bamboo in english . Baboos are abundance in banswara . Click on image for larger version.
Happy sankrati to all of you.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tree Give Us Oxygen and We Give Him Death

Below image is taken Last Monday by Bhavar Garg. I process this image in Photoshop and did little bit color correction .I add some contrast and increase saturation to make image more eye catching. Click on image to see larger version. It seems that in this image tree stood with detemination in the middle of pond and having a message for hopeless people that fight with troubles in life with determination. Tree gives us oxygen and save our life but we give him death . How full we are we cut trees and make our life painful .Hopefull one day we would understand how much trees are important for our life wihtout them we can't do anything .

Banswara,Banswara Nature,

Friday, January 11, 2008

Banswara At Night

This is image from banswara city taken this Monday at night when road lights lighter the street . Can you imagine that this is taken at 8 pm and street is almost empty . Silence and peaceful are great qualities of Banswara city .

banswara city,Banswara

Rajasthan Chief Minister's (Vasundara Raje ) Visit Of Banswara

This picture was taken while chilef minister was worshiping idol of god Mahadev in Ghoti Amba .Rajasthan chief minister named Vasundara Raje visit Banswara on 5th January .He went to Gohoti amba a sacred place in Banswara and address a huge crowd. Crowd gathering was awesome .
Ghoti amba is holy place in Bnaswara district of Rajasthan. Pilgrims are come from all over India.I t is believe that Pandav (True Indian idol) had lived here about 5 thousand years ago during their exile( Banvas ).
I will also post some nice photos from Ghoti Amba In next week.

chief minister rajasthan

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tractors Are Become Main Transport Of Rural India

This image taken while marriage party going to it’s destination . In rural India tractor are also used for transportation mostly in marriage parties besides buses .It is cheap and easily available in rural areas . I had also travel so many times in tractors .Tractors’s riding is very enjoyable but some times it become painful on rural roads.rural India

Tomato crop

This is image taken from rural village of india famous for producing vegetables . This is a image of crop of Hybrid tomato .Tomato prices are decrease in these days . Even rural farmers of india throw them out on the road because they are not getting reasonable prices for tomato . In these image tomatoes plant are get help to stant up by wooden stick . we would also publish the closer look of image of ripen tomatoes later this month so keep reading our blog.
Want more photos from rurla india check this link out .Here is link

tomato crop

Sorry! For No Post For Several Days

I am just return from Jaipur after 6 days tedious visit . So i would post from tomorrow regularly .

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Guru Gobind Singh's Jayanti Preparation

This is image of Gurudwara decorated for Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti in Banswara . Gurudwara banswara,banswara temple,rural india