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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Image of Palash

This is another image of palash .


Palash A Most Beautiful Tree On The Earth

This is image of Palash tree .I think palash is most beautiful tree on the earth . I like this very much .I post this image within half an hour of image was captured .Palash is used to make red color in rural india. Color made by plaash’s flower is being used to in play Holy festival in rural India.>rural india

Rural women Of India

This is image of rural women of india taken yesterday by Bhavar Garg. In this photo upcoming bride (in the middle with garland) is enjoying with her friends before marriage . She come to market for shopping for her marriage .These rural women come from rural villages of Banswara district of Rajasthan.>rural women india

Friday, February 22, 2008

Baneshwar Fair slide show (Trial) (Exclusive)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

House Of Rural India

Below image is taken from rural village of india .This is a rural house . Mostly these kind of houses are bulit near rural farmers’s field . Kavalu and sand (miti) both are used as building material to built these houses.rural house

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bull Cart (Bel gadi) A Rural Vehicle For Transport

This is image of bull cart (bail gadi) used in trasporting fooder (Chara,ghas)for animals in rual india. Now days mostly tractors are used to take rural material to one place to another but bull cart are still there in rual villages .It is cheap but slow transport but suitable for rural villgers of india.I think bull carts are now becoming obsolete .banswara

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sadhu (Saint)

This photo taken on yesterdsay from Banswar ‘s new bus stand .As my friend Bhavar garg went to near sadhu to capure his image at once sathu get himself ready to being captured . After some time sadhu’ guru come and stop my friend to capturing images. He told my friend that never try to capture photos of Agori Baba. My friend had nice coversation with Aghori Baba and herad his views very patiently. Sadhu Reveal amazing secret to us that they are belongs to non Photographic zone . Overall We are indian and we have a great respect for Sadhu Sanyasi. I think they are a true replica of old india.Long live Sadhus .Want to know more about hindu sadhu .Check out this link .worth to give read .Here is linkrural india

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mahi Mahotsav 2

One more Image From Mahi Mahotsav . My power has gone so please wait some more time to see nice image. See and enjoy! Don't forget to visit our flickr link to see more images from Mahi Mahotsave Here is link.

rural India

Mahi Mahotsav In Banswara

This is Image from Mahi mahotsav celebrate first time in banswara for two days. Image is taken by Bhavar Garg . I have several nice photos of Mahi Mahotsav to select one of them to post here . I like below image very much so it is here . If you want to see more photos from Mahi Mahotsav . Chek out our flickr link. Here is linkrural India

Testing Video From Mahi mahotasav

hello Guys i am just testing how this video look our blog. If everything right then i post some more video about rural india

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fire Burnt The Furniture Showroom In Banswara

Yesterday fire was broken out in furniture show room in Banswara ‘s street called Nai Abadi .It sad to say that fire brigade was unable handle this kind of critical situation and totally failed to manage the .Even they not have necessary equipments to put the fire off . They were throwing the water about 30to 40 feet below from original position where the fire had been burning the furniture’s show room .How one can accept them to save people life In this kind of dangerous situation. Finally I can say only one think we prepare ourselves to get rid of disaster beside waiting for help from government employee.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Udyog Mela (Fair)

Below image is taken from Udyog Mela held in Kushal Bag ground in Banswara .This Mela orgarizend by Nagar palika of Banswara every yea in winter season. vendors are come from all over Rajasthan to participate in this Mela (Fair).
udyog Mela

Making of sugarcane's juice

In the below image Indian rural woman is getting sugarcane’s juice .This machine is called Chakri in local language.It drag by bulls .Sugarcane’s juice also used in making gud. Gud is famous in rural ereas and eat especially in winter season with milk and Makki ki Roti . Now sugar factories made this chakri outdated. rural India

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sunset In Rural village

I don’t where it was taken from. But once again nice picture from Bhavar garg .Lot of thanks to him to capture this kind beautiful iamge of Sunset from rural village. See and Enjoy!sun set

Banswara City

This image is taken from Banswara city .You may not see but in this image road light are on even in the day light .As same time light cutback is continue for 4 hour in a day for several day. Click on the image to see what I am writing about. NO body care about this that is way we Indian live .we can’t oppose until we get hurt from something . Make your mind’s light on and be happy .rural India

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Epmloyment Fair In Banswara

Employment fair has held yesterday in Banswara. Lot of big companies has stalls in employment fair. unemployment young minds had come and fill farms to get jobs in big companies . companies made promise to send to them call letter after some time .I think 99.9 person would never get a call letter from companies .Because make promises is very easy but it is hard to fulfill them. Young men and women come form all over banswara district to submit their form to companies .Beware young minds get jobs your own way .Do something new only then companies respect you and come to your home to give you job at once .
Have a nice future .

Rural Fields Are Irrigated Buy tubewell

This is image of tubewell from rural india . Most of fields are irrigated in banswara by canals but now some rural farmers also used tubewell to irrigated rural fileds . It is really a great to see water flowing from pump . if you want to see more about rural india . Here is link .worth to give it read.

rural india

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Broadband Has Arrived In Banswara, We Got It !

HI folks sorry for no post for several days. Actually I have been waiting for broadband connection for last few weeks finally we got it yesterday . we changed our W.W.L. Phone connection into landline connection to get Broadband connection. There is lot of hurdles to get broadband but finally we get rid of all obstacle and get broadband connection . I would also write how good is broadband service in Banswara in next few weeks. Below image is taken yesterday By Bhavar Garg . See and enjoy !rural India