Digital town picture

Friday, September 28, 2007

Black and white

Hi Everybody . This was nice yellow image . I turn this into black white using black and white filter new to adobe cs3. from preset i choose yellow . I forget but i think i also copy background layer and select scereen from color mode drop down menu in layer platte .

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today is Friday

good morning everybody .Yesterday my friend told me to post this image . He shoot this image from his uncle town 100 kam away from our town .Yesterday was another heavy rainy day for us . now days Both we are playing in adobe premier . He took a video clip of his bahagi dancing on music . we took clip into premier. we add some title and music .

If you want to know blog about photoshop and photography read by expert like dave cross crorey . Here is link . chek out their website for weekly photoshop tutorial video .
You should log on this website to know more about photgraphy glossary. Here you would know sth more about jpeg, exposure ,digital zoom , optical zoom and much more . Here is link

Today is Thursday

Today i want post some photoshop tips .

In photoshopo if you want add some beautiful border to your image . There are many ways to do this.

Here is my way. open adobe illustrator and draw square same size as your photoshope file you want to add border . Then apply stroke from properties bar [illustrator]please select stroke size from drop down menu . select none from fill drop down box [upper right in properites bar ] Now apply brush stroke one by one select which you like most . drag the file into photoshop .

For professional tips please log on you will find some good video tutorial on adobe illustrator and photoshop by terry white .

Now see below for today image .

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today i got nothing from my friend . He was unable to come here because of rain .It had been heavy rain from last 4 hours . so I decided to post some images from our hard disk stock . Here is one of them i like most . I Hope you enjoy to see this image .

Good Morning

Hi friends, Today i post only one image from Yesterday shoot . This was shoot By as always My Friend Bhavar garg . I don't Know where it was shoot . My friend went home as soon as he come . so we din'nt talk to much about image

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Evening

I got another beautiful image . I going to post this now . Image has lack of green so i use selective color command to increase green color to make more eye catching . In Photoshop there are many ways to do color corercions but i prefer hue saturation and and selective color . I chek color modes like multiply for darken the image , screen for make bright the image .

I also like color dogde .for this Image i also chek Black white adjestment to creating tint effect . But i don,t like the final resutls . So i go with only selective color and try to make the image cool and beautiful . For those who want to learn photoshop from expert . This is right time and join the photoshop class at . Class instructor is ben willmore world famous photoshop instructor and my Favourite photoshop expert .

Today Is Tuseday

This is my another post for today last time i left my posting because of my internet connectionwas discontinued . click on image for larger version . I use photo filter command for clouds to make more bluish
Above image is my favourite . i love fire image . I am very grateful to my friend to shoot wonderful image like above . I copy it and change the mode multiply .

Monday, September 24, 2007

Today Is Tuesday

Very good morning everybody

i just able to access my blogger account after 4days. so i post lot of images today . please keep scrolling . Once again all images were taken by my friend Bhavar garg . He went some good places to photography and shoot some great and amazing images . I got some of them before some time as my friend come with his 5 mp camara from canon . I would also try to post them today . I brought this into photoshop . I had not find anthing to do sth with it .Images is really good . So i only use lens blur from filter menu.
Last night i found a good article about where photographer should shoot for making good money . Here is link 47 thinks people will pay you to shoot .Please chek out their web site for more good articles on photography . . Once agian i my blogger denied to post my next images . I don,t what is problem . So now i have to quit and will come after some time .

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Photos Of Wednesday

Hi everybody , yesterday i did some experiment with balck photos to make them white and good looking .

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Photo From village shoot

This is another image related to village culture . My friend give me 10 to 15 everday I am free to choose one of them i like most .

I daily visit to blog of world famous photographer Ben willmore , . if you are photographer you should visit this blog everday. now days i am learning adobe premier .

I have been searhing some good tutorial on adobe premier for several day . last night i found web site with plenty of tuttorial available for free download .this is link for this cool web site ( go and and download adobe premier tutorial

It was nice to see web site offer free tutorial . i log on about 100 web site for free adobe premier tutorial for last five days . My expreince was so bad to tell you.

some of them were very slow , and expensive . I am begnnier in this field . i can't pay money for tutorials .

Phtos From Bhavar Garg's Village

Here one more image from bhavar garg (best friend)
These all are nice image . I am learning adobe premier now so i can't write any more .Just a few second before my download of adobe premier tutorial is complete . For now I want to see this .

Hi,everybody for last five days i have not been able to access my blogger account.

so today i will post more beautiful images then ever. once again all image are taken my buddy bhanvar garg (best friend ).

last day we went temple of sai baba .

I heard many time about this amazing and calm place from my friends .

so we both decide to go there and and shoot some good images for this blog . hay This is only first image keep scrolling you will find some nice iamge .

Now i want to show a image which was taken at 10.30 am . i do not know what was camera setting at time shooting this image . i took this image into photoshop . blur it and change layer mode to multiply . I love to play with mode .
copy layer ctrl+j

Here is my second image for This is a rock . I asked my friend to shoot this image .He capture this from different angle.

childeren were playing around this .so we had been not been able to shoot this untill dark .

As usual I took this into phootoshop and did little bit color correction.
I like it because of his roughness so i can use it as a texture in my future background creation .

Image to the right is another image for today . Actully i don't know what is english meaning of this . so i call this rural truck .

It is use by Poor but hard working farmer to carry seeds ,grass.etc. It is still dominant in rural india. Are you ever see this before poseted on this blog .

please visit my blog dialy to see more beautiful image .
now it time to sleep .
thaks once again to visit my blog

My favourite site for today:

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today i have 3 photos. all three are taken by my friend (best) bhavar garg . In this image i wanted to hilight the fire . In the photoshop i convert this in black and white and grab the history brush to show fire in red . i also use photo filter from image menu>adjestment >photo filter .I made several tweaks before send to this my hard disk .

Friday, September 14, 2007

This is my second and final post for today .

this image was taken by my best friend Bhavar Garg yesterday . I want to use these image as texture for 3d modeling . Before i do this i took this into photoshop and did color correction.

I grab hue and saturation adjustment layer from layer palette and click on colorize button . use hue slider to make image completely red .
I also use reduce noise from filter menu to remove digital noise .
I had face problems to post this image . I took 1 hour to post this image . I think sth wrong happen to .

Hi, everybody, i creat this blog to learn english .After that i will make my professional blog by march 2008.

This is my first posting about how we the people live Indian remote area interact with technology .
we have a one camera named canon powershot 450. It is capable to capture image up to 5 mp.
we know that 5 mp camera have no room in professional market but we are happy and capturing beautiful image everyday for both personal and professional work.

we have also a PC and laptop. These are very expensive to us but we are manage to fulfil our passion for photoshop and photography.

we have just started so profession work is coming slowly.
we are two working together . my job is edit photo in photoshop and also i used several other image editor software to done my job easily and perfectly. There are several good software but my first love is pohtoshop.

My friend is a good photographer . He took several image everyday from different places
we learn photoshop to play with those beautiful images and discover s
several new techniques ,and crate action .background etc .
above image was taken at 2 pm .