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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hi,everybody for last five days i have not been able to access my blogger account.

so today i will post more beautiful images then ever. once again all image are taken my buddy bhanvar garg (best friend ).

last day we went temple of sai baba .

I heard many time about this amazing and calm place from my friends .

so we both decide to go there and and shoot some good images for this blog . hay This is only first image keep scrolling you will find some nice iamge .

Now i want to show a image which was taken at 10.30 am . i do not know what was camera setting at time shooting this image . i took this image into photoshop . blur it and change layer mode to multiply . I love to play with mode .
copy layer ctrl+j

Here is my second image for This is a rock . I asked my friend to shoot this image .He capture this from different angle.

childeren were playing around this .so we had been not been able to shoot this untill dark .

As usual I took this into phootoshop and did little bit color correction.
I like it because of his roughness so i can use it as a texture in my future background creation .

Image to the right is another image for today . Actully i don't know what is english meaning of this . so i call this rural truck .

It is use by Poor but hard working farmer to carry seeds ,grass.etc. It is still dominant in rural india. Are you ever see this before poseted on this blog .

please visit my blog dialy to see more beautiful image .
now it time to sleep .
thaks once again to visit my blog

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