Digital town picture

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Photo From village shoot

This is another image related to village culture . My friend give me 10 to 15 everday I am free to choose one of them i like most .

I daily visit to blog of world famous photographer Ben willmore , . if you are photographer you should visit this blog everday. now days i am learning adobe premier .

I have been searhing some good tutorial on adobe premier for several day . last night i found web site with plenty of tuttorial available for free download .this is link for this cool web site ( go and and download adobe premier tutorial

It was nice to see web site offer free tutorial . i log on about 100 web site for free adobe premier tutorial for last five days . My expreince was so bad to tell you.

some of them were very slow , and expensive . I am begnnier in this field . i can't pay money for tutorials .