Digital town picture

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hi, everybody, i creat this blog to learn english .After that i will make my professional blog by march 2008.

This is my first posting about how we the people live Indian remote area interact with technology .
we have a one camera named canon powershot 450. It is capable to capture image up to 5 mp.
we know that 5 mp camera have no room in professional market but we are happy and capturing beautiful image everyday for both personal and professional work.

we have also a PC and laptop. These are very expensive to us but we are manage to fulfil our passion for photoshop and photography.

we have just started so profession work is coming slowly.
we are two working together . my job is edit photo in photoshop and also i used several other image editor software to done my job easily and perfectly. There are several good software but my first love is pohtoshop.

My friend is a good photographer . He took several image everyday from different places
we learn photoshop to play with those beautiful images and discover s
several new techniques ,and crate action .background etc .
above image was taken at 2 pm .