Digital town picture

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

old man heading towards to his home

Photo Below was taken from rural village while old men heading towards to his home .In rural areas old men also do hard work in fields .Sometimes they are ignored by their own children and for living they work as laborer in other’s fields too .old men

Monday, April 28, 2008

House Of Rural India

Below image was taken from rural village of India. This is rural house . I had already post some images of rural houses . I do not need to write just see house image and imagine how rural people have been living in these houses for long time. rual house

Enlighten Your Mind With Ideas

Today i am posting something different . Candle is always encourage me to to do new thins in my life . I love candle and deepk's light . I found this nice image in the google and then i animate this into photoshop. So boys and girls enlighten your minds with new ideas .

Friday, April 25, 2008

Rural Children Are Enjoying Their Childhood

Below image is taken from rural village of banswara .Children were plyaing while photo was taken by bhavar garg.I make some adjustment in the photosop for this images .Both rural and urban children are smile throughout the childhood .But Playing and eating habits are different between rural and urban children .Urban children eat junk food (it is not good for health ) food but rural children are hardly get it. There a re several differences between rural and urban children but I can’t explain all in this post .So if you are interested to know more about rural India come and see our banswara district .

Side View Of Maharana Pratap Bridge

This is antoher iamge of Maharana pratap bridge . This is a side view of Maharan Pratap Birdge . See and enjoy . that’s it for today. See You tomorrow.Have a nice dayMaharana pratap bridge

Maharana Pratap Setu (Gammon Pool Banswara)

This is iamge of Maharana Pratap Setu 16 k.m. from banswara on the ratlam road. This bridge also known as Gammon pool I am not sure but I thik that bridge was made by GAMMON INDIA LIMITED . This bridge is about 1 k..m long .In the monsoon season there is lot of water under the bridge .maharan pratap setu

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bhavar Garg With Rahil Khan

I captured this photo while my best friend Rahil khan visit banswara some days ago. Bhavarg Garg met him first time but he really enjoyed compny of rahil khan .There is a few times when I have chance to clik on Bhavar garg .I always feel proud to capture bhavar garg .Hay our camera still in the workshop truly we don’t know when we would get it . I have been busy in my own 3ds classes for 2 month but I would post regulary from now.bhavar garg

Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Camera has Breake Down

HI folks you all are thinking why there is not a even single post for last 25 day.It is said to say that over camera has broke down for 1 month. Still we are living withou camera and we have no photos to post .Today i decide to search my hard drive and found some nice photo which not are posted for some reason.Now i am posting them all one by one in next few days .Hopefully we would get our camera back very soon.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yashkant The Creative Dancer Of Rural India

This is a image taken from Rajasthan divas’s dance program play by Dazzle dance group of Banswara. A simple question raise in every mind We are rural blogger and In Rural India modern dance still not very popular then why we are posting about modern dancer . WE did this only because I like his passion for dance and devotion to his job. Every student of his dazzle dance group respects him lot even some of them are reading in college with him. Hay one thing more both Yashkant and I Share same surname . Yashkant sharma