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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hot Batiyan

In the image below Batis are cooking for dinner . Batis are favorite food for villagers in rural Rajasthan . Generally Batis cook on uple.In towns cooker are also used to cooking Batis . I already post image of uple earlier this moth .

Lunch At school

In the picture below school children are taking lunch in the afternoon. In the rural schools government is providing free meal for students .

Fruit Of Poor

Image below is shoot at market of our town. This is picture of plum of jujube . It is known poor’s fruit in rural areas . Surprisingly prices are growing for this fruit . So tell what poor man would eat in this high prices days .One more thing it is called as ber in rural villages .

Old Well Wanting Some Attention

This is a picture of crude well mostly found in Indian rural areas .This kind of wells are being scarce now days . IF you colud see what I highlighted with white rough outline in this image is called chakri .Chakri is used to extract water from well .

Energetic Gadariya(Shepherd)

This is image of shepherd .Shepherd is called Gadriya in rural villages . They always keep moving from one place to another throughout their life for subsistence .

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rural Method for safety landing of Helicopter

Some days back a V.I.P. was come in our district . Here what you are seeing in this image is smoke burn for safety landing of helicopter by security personal . I did little bit correction in photoshop and add some red by color balance adjustment .

Amazing ! Parahera Shiv Mandir

This is image of Paraheda shiv mandir caputued on this monday by bhavar garg .This temple is located in Banswara district of Rajsthan . It is about 50 km far away from banswara . Bhavar garg found several beautiful and amazing images of ancient Indian civilization at this place .
click on image to see larger version.


This time I am sure that image below is of papaya tree. See and enjoy! Hay we are making another blog .We would only post image of rural temples on our next blog . so keep reading our blog . Thanking all of you readers .

Thumbdi !Fruit or vegetable

Some days ago I promised to all of you to post image of thumbdi found in south rajsthan . So now this is time to post image thumbdi .i keep my promise as always . Truly I have a doubt that thumbdi is a fruit or vegetable .

Looking like ghobhi

This below image is taken from rural village . I am not sure but I think what you see in this image is crop of Ghobi.Ghobi is my favourite vegetable.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Be careful while driving

I don’t know how can I write a world about this image . It already told to you to be careful in your life .For those who do not know Hindi a word written on this board is savadhan Mean careful in English. Once again I would like to say to you be careful while you are driving on the road.

Overloaded Jeep

Image below is about overloaded jeep . It surprised some of us but in rural areas now these kind of scenes are becoming very common . I think this in only cause of increasing accidents in now days . jeeps ,buses ,even motorcycle are running overcrowded in rural villages.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Irrigated filed

This is fine image from irrigated filed . winter season is just began so farmer are peraparing fileds for next crop. In this image farmer son is doing supervision his filed . There are ducks in the middle . Old days are gone now farmer are irrigated their filed by tube well water .
Two days ago I found another web site for 3ds max video tutorial . you can also download them . All downloads are in rar. format .To see tutorials you shold have win rar and and good video codec pack Here is link for video tutorial

Monday, November 19, 2007


I don’t think that I can say anything about this image of deepak . Feel and enjoy !

House Of village

This is house of poor family near our town . These rural houses’s roof is made by tiled shade called kavalu. Floor and walls of this houses are prepared by clay .Mainly there is two to three rooms one is for human and other is for pet animals . villager make house on small hills in their fields .

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ignited Minds

This image is part of Mariyu tradition in rural villages of south Rajsthan in india. Mariu comes around diwali . Mainly children take part in this old tradition . I think young minds are ignited by flame of mariu . Mariu is made of a fruit called thumbdi found only in south rajsthan . I would also post amazing image of thumbdi later this please continue to read our blog .

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chatt Puja Image

Now I am going to post some more images from chatt puja . That’s it for today . see and enjoy! See you tomorrow 23

Chatt Puja

Hi everybody ,
Yesterday it was day of chatt puja in Indian rural villages . My friend bhavar garg capture this nice image at 6 am at Saturday morning . Chatt Puja is very famous mostly in up and bihar states of india .
I took this image into photoshop and do some color correction . Last night I found a great web site for free video tutorial for 3ds max . Here is link

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Uple is made by cow dung and used as fuel in rural villages . Poor children also pick these uple from villages . Uple is mostly used in winter season . While Uple are only source for cooking food in indian rural villages now some villagers are using gas chulha as well.
That’s it for day.. see you tomorrow. Have a nice day!

Daughter of Bhadh palak

This image of daughter of bhadh palak . My friend Bhavar garg shoot this 1st November . My friend got in to trouble when he was shooting this image . After shoot Bhadh palak aksed my friend to pay him for photos . My friend was stunned . He did not expect that sheep owner demand for money .

Deepak Illumination

In th image below potter is making Deepak . In the Indian rural villages potter are still making pitcher ,Deepak , through wheel (chalk).. Deepak is symbol of joy ,peace . People kindle Deepak in temples ,puja ghar to show their devotion to god . In fact I would like to post these images before Diwali . But it could not happened because I was out of town for some days . Now I am posting several images in this post to show you whole process of making Deepak . Please keep scrolling down for beautiful images .




Friday, November 2, 2007


This rural Pagdandi was captured By my friend Bhavar garg on Thursday . This pagdandi connect two villages one another . Villagers also use this pagdandi to go to State highway . This path is only ray of hope for villages . Most of us are running on very big , wide ,flashy highway while poor villagers are searching their fortune through this little pagdandi .

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Indian Rural Photography

Some friends always ask us that why we named this blog as rural photography . we say them that here everybody can find images about Indian rural villages . Rural images are not accessible to those who are living in big cities . So we both decide to make a blog which is all about rural photos. These Images are also show rural rituals ,festival activates and much more about rural India . I am a great fan of scottkelby renowned Photoshop expert and photographer . Please chek out his great web site for Photoshop tips and Photography . Here is link