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Monday, December 31, 2007

Arthuna's HIstorical Shiv Mandir (temple)

Below image is taken from arthuna town while my friend visit this site last Tuesday. Arthuna is small town 55 kms from banswara district of rajasthan state of india .Arthuna was capital of parmaras and famous for old historical shiv mandir (temple).Arthuna has clusters of ruined Hindu and Jain temples belonging to the 11th, 12th and the 15th centuries. Want more photos from arthuna check out this link . Here is linkarthuna,shiv mandir,temple,shiv mandir,Banswara temple


One more image from Arthuna .

rural India

Bhavar Garg Write A Beautiful Poem On New Year Occasion

My friend and our teem member Bhavar Garg write a poem on new year occassion.Many thanks to him for his great poem.worth to give it read.Here is link.He have been writing articles related rural custom of india ,vagad's rituals,rural india, and many more for several year. Below image is captured suddenly while bhavar garg drawing a sketch of vivekanand ji at his home.

Bhavar Garg

Happy New Year !

Happy new year to all of you our great readers .Please continue to read our blog .
Pleasse keep change yourself from now because new time with prospeirty will coming soon .2008 to 2011 is crucial time for india. it will decide whether India will become nation of nations or be.......... happy new year banswara

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tripura sundari mandir (temple ) in Banswara

This is a idol of goddess Tripura Sundari, commonly known as Turtia Mata in vagad. . Tripura temple is situated in talvada town near banswara District of Rajasthan in India. May be I am wrong but as I know panchal samaj is caretaker of this temple. Devotees are come from all over india to fulfill their desire through goddess blessing . To see more picture of tripura sundari temple please visit this link . >Here is link

>tripura,tripura sundari mandir,banswara temple,hindu goddess
Rajasthan chief minister (Vasundhra raje ) have been visiting regularly this temple for 5 years .Below image is taken while when rajasthan chief minister is doing worship at thripura mandir 2 months ago (temple).tripura sundari mandir banswara

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Surya Mandir (Sun Temple) Of Banswara

This is picture of surya mandir in talvada town in Banswara district of Rajasthan.I don’t know much about this mandir (Temple) so I couldn’t write extra words about this temple . I post outer look of Surya Mandir (temple) earlier this month .Now I have closer look of idol of surya Bhagvan. See and enjoy !Banswara Temple,surya mandir banswara,Temple india

Friday, December 28, 2007

Beware!Parrot Know Everything About You

Photo below Is shoot this tuesday by Bhavar garg.In first one two men have sitting claim themselves futurologist. They tell rural people about their future .In this job they get help from parrot .I think nobody could tell you about your future but only god can tell you about your future
banswara futurelogist,rural futurelogistIn below image parrot have holding card in his mouth .After card is being select by parrot allegedly futurologist reveled your future in his own majestic words. Whether you take his words as last word or just listen for enjoy it is all up to you.I whis you all have a nice future .
rural India

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Khadi Mela (Fair) In Banswara

This image is taken while my friend visit khadi mela (Fair) yesterday.Yesterday Khadi mela has ended in our Banswara .It is held every year in Banswara in winter season. Khadi mela has been running for several days in Kushal Bag ground of Banswara. Fair get a lot of attention in rural india.People forget their tedious work of fields and offices and getting involved in fair to enjoy.My friend has also bought some toys for his beautiful daughter from Khadi Mela( fair).
Khadi Mela Banswara

Laborer Have No Place For Shelter In winter

Here I am posting two images one is using flash function of our camera and another image is without flash .Truly we do not like image captured with flash function enablw in our camera but it is looking nice . In the image below laborer family is cooking food near our Banswara bus stand .

These laborers comes to Banswara city from extremely poor villages for earning money .I think I am wrong they come only for food . They all do hard working throughout the day and sleep and cook food wherever they find appropriate shelter for them in the night .Winter season is getting rhythm and it is really said that there is no place under which they can get shelter in these cold days .
banswara,indian rural laborer
Below Image is taken using flash function in camera

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Delicious Kachodi

My friend captured this image when he went to buy kachodi from shop of kachori near our town . This shop is very famous in our town for it’s quality . This shop have been running under tree for several years .Now people come here from all over banswara district to eat delicious kachodi . I have never eat pizza but think that kachodi is delicious more then pizza.we serve it as dish for our guest indain food

Image from evening shoot

My friend captured this image while he was on evening walk yesterday . He liked this photo so much that he bring this to me just few minutes after he captured this .I process this image in Photoshop and add some yellow and red with photo filter from adjustment . it is looking great isn’t it .banswara nature

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fields Are Ready For Service

This is another photo from rural field is preparing for new crop . It seem the field is plough recently and ready for service to everybody on this planet by producing next crop . Farmers are get ready for new challenge face every time whenever they drop seed in the soil for new crop. Field are normally ploughed by tractors now days .
rural field,banswara,rural farmer,banswara nature

Friday, December 21, 2007

Butterfly (Titli)

The photo below was taken in November by Bhavar garg .This is nice image of Buttlerfly is also called Titli in rural india.Actully I forget to post this image . Thanks to my friend to remind me about this image . I made some color adjustment in Photoshop for this image .

Home Of Snake

In the below image I draw a red circle around the hole is home of snake . Mostly these holes are created by mouse . Snake take shelter in holes in both winter and summer season .One thing more I do not know much about snake so please never use this post as snake information . Just see image and enjoy !snake home

Half Yearly Exam

This is December and half yearly exams are going on all over Rajasthan. This is image of exam room from school of rural Banswara. I think students give nothing but only memory test in these exams .Creativity of these young minds are yet to be tested . I hope these students will give new ideas whenever needed in the future . I wish to all of them happy exam . rural India


This is image from Banswawra city and our first image ever I post from our from Banswara’s main bazaar . This is iamge of very busy street named Mohan colony in Banswara . If you do like want to more about Banswara please visit wikpedia page about banswara. It is Worth to give it read .Here is linkrural India

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rural Farmer's Pleasure with chilm

This is a image from rural village near our town .Farmers are gathered in the evening at village chouraha and discuss about village development . They also use chilm to take pleasure . Chilm and Hukas are are still in used in rural villages of India. This is bad habit one should get rid of this as soon as he can .
rural India

Farmer's life is decide by others

Farmers earn only food after making hard work through the all day .They have vision like any other professional but get little importance in the global market . when changes make happened in corporate world meeting are held and C.E.O are called for discussion .
As far as agriculture is concerned authority have no time for asked to farmer to give their suggestion . Decision are made in urban areas inside huge buildings miles away from poor farmer’s fields and implemented on the rural fields of farmers .They have been tolerating bad decision for long time . We hope some day miraculous might happen and farmers become powerful to demand their legal right.
farmer rural  India

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nandani Mata

If I am not wrong I post two images about Nandni Mata Mandir . But none of them is image of nandani mata but all are outer look of Nandani Mata temple .I already write aboute this temple so much in my previous blog . so read lebel named nandani mata in our blog. If that is not enough check it out this Wikipedia link for more if information on Nandani Mata. Here is link
Nandani Mata Banswara Rajasthan

Friday, December 14, 2007

Roads are digging in Banswara

Some days ago I post image of cables show you how road are digging everyday cause problems for traffic in Banswara . Here is image of trench is digging for underground cables for telephone line .In the future under ground cables are useful for Banswara But at the present this trenches make traffic very slow minor accident are also increased .we can’t do anything but hope better future through this cables rural India

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hard Working Young Farmer

This is a nice and beautiful image of hardworking young farmer of Banswara . I think I could not write about some images because they tell whole story to you themselves . This is one of them .So see and enjoy .

rural India

Let Me Left Alone To Think About India !

This is nice picture from bhavar garg . It seems that in this image child is giving message that let him left alone to think about india.I like this picture so much that I make this title picture our blog . we are planning to buy a new camera in coming summer so you all get nice picture from our digital town blog of Banswara district of Rajasthan .3 months to go in our summer classes of 3ds max photoshop,after effects,adobe premier .So we hope some of you would attend these classes in summer .

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Amazing Stones make noice like pots of brass and steel

Below image is taken from Nandani Mata Mandir very famous in Banswara district of Rajasthan. I draw a red cirles around stones in this images because these stones are very unique . When somebody hit on the stones by anything what he like stones making noice the same way pots of brass and steel do .
People come here to see these amazing stone everday.One thing more etv news channel also done a story on these marvelous stones . I have also plane to post a closer look of Nandani Mata temple so please keep reading our blog .

Getting Drinking Water Is Not A Child Game

In this image farmer is taking pitcher full of drinking water to his home .In rural areas of India villagers go miles away from their home to get pure water . It is really a tough job to get drinking water in Indian rural areas .Water is enough in the Banswara district of Rajasthan . There are lot of hand pumps available for villagers around the Banswara district but hand pumps ‘s condition is questionable .

rural India

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Go Mutra Free medicine !

Go mutra has a unique place in ayurvad as a medicine . . In rural india villagers use go mutra as medicine . Go mutra can cure several diseases from human body.That's it is for today . See you tomorrow. Have a nice day!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Big Version Of Nest Image

See and Enjoy !

Bhavar Garg Include In List Of Literary Person Of Banswara

Literary seminar was held yesterday in Banswara district of Rajasthan .Yesterday was good one for our digital town teem because our bhavarg garg include in list of literary person of Banswara . There are several well known writers attend conference .

Have You Ever Seen Cotton Plant

Above image is taken from filed of cotton crop. This is winter season and you can see cotton plants most of area in the Banswara in this season . We think cotton has very important role in our daily life especially in our cloth .

While today Biotechnology is playing major role in our Indian crops banswara is also doing very well to increasing crop production. Generally cotton crop has more insect then any other crop . See Below image for another image of cotton plant. Click on the image for larger version

Cables ,Cables and More cables

This year is very terrible for citizens of banswara as far as road transport is concern. The roads has been digging for 8 months in this year. Fibers cables are spread out in underground everwhere in our town banswara . Now third digging in a row this year is continue at present. Pit are everywhere on the roads in banswara . Internet service providers are also coming in our town so we expect few more digging In next few weeks. We don’t know where this cable will be used but We hope that cables make life better in our near future .

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mahavat On Elephant

Hi Everybody , This is nice Picture from rural town in banswara . It is very surprising that mahavat are still riding on elephant . In this year lot of accident are reported all over India about elephant cruel behavior. Even more then 5 person being killed by elephant . Elephant is animal of jungle when you take him out you should pay price .

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cultivator Are Waiting For Technologies In Rural Villages Of Banswara

In this image cultivator ,his wife and sister is drooping seeds in field for next crop In Banswara . Rural villagers are still depend on plough to plough their filed . Tractors are also being used in the filed but numbers are very small compare to ploughs. Modern technologies for the filed work are coming but slowly in the Banswara .

Handsome Bull !

Below image is from diwali shoot by Bhavar Garg .I couldn’t post this image in November because of some private reason . This is handsome bull, isn’t it . Here in Banswara rural villagers garnish their animals around Diwali festival. Bulls are also running at Diwali in race is organized by villagers .
That is it for today . see you tomorrow . Have nice day!

Surya Mandir (Temple ) Banswara

Hi , Everybody I am posting another image from Surya Mandir (temple) in Banswara (Talvada)District of Rajsthan . I am sorry to say that at the moment I could not post image of sury devata because I have no such good image that I can post right now . I poromise to all of you that I would definitely post image of Surya Devata later this month . For now see this beautiful image and enjoy!

Tripura Mandir (Temple ) Banswara

This is image of Tripura Mandir ( temple } . It is situated near Talvada town 15 km from Banswara in Rajasthan .This is very famous temple in vagad . Pilgrims come to see this Tripura temple from all over India. IF you want to know more about tripura Mataji chek out this Wikipedia page . Here is link

Monday, December 3, 2007

Pet Animal's Food

This is dry grass for feeding pet animals like cow ,buffalo ,bull. Now I am preparing for summer classes of 3ds max so I write only few precise worlds from now about every post in near future.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Birds's nest

This is a image of birds’s nest caputured by bhavar garg on sunday. It is really difficulty to shoot this nest there are buses all round the tree. But Bhavar garg crossed all buses with courage and shoot this nice iamge for all of us .

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hot Batiyan

In the image below Batis are cooking for dinner . Batis are favorite food for villagers in rural Rajasthan . Generally Batis cook on uple.In towns cooker are also used to cooking Batis . I already post image of uple earlier this moth .

Lunch At school

In the picture below school children are taking lunch in the afternoon. In the rural schools government is providing free meal for students .

Fruit Of Poor

Image below is shoot at market of our town. This is picture of plum of jujube . It is known poor’s fruit in rural areas . Surprisingly prices are growing for this fruit . So tell what poor man would eat in this high prices days .One more thing it is called as ber in rural villages .

Old Well Wanting Some Attention

This is a picture of crude well mostly found in Indian rural areas .This kind of wells are being scarce now days . IF you colud see what I highlighted with white rough outline in this image is called chakri .Chakri is used to extract water from well .

Energetic Gadariya(Shepherd)

This is image of shepherd .Shepherd is called Gadriya in rural villages . They always keep moving from one place to another throughout their life for subsistence .

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rural Method for safety landing of Helicopter

Some days back a V.I.P. was come in our district . Here what you are seeing in this image is smoke burn for safety landing of helicopter by security personal . I did little bit correction in photoshop and add some red by color balance adjustment .

Amazing ! Parahera Shiv Mandir

This is image of Paraheda shiv mandir caputued on this monday by bhavar garg .This temple is located in Banswara district of Rajsthan . It is about 50 km far away from banswara . Bhavar garg found several beautiful and amazing images of ancient Indian civilization at this place .
click on image to see larger version.


This time I am sure that image below is of papaya tree. See and enjoy! Hay we are making another blog .We would only post image of rural temples on our next blog . so keep reading our blog . Thanking all of you readers .

Thumbdi !Fruit or vegetable

Some days ago I promised to all of you to post image of thumbdi found in south rajsthan . So now this is time to post image thumbdi .i keep my promise as always . Truly I have a doubt that thumbdi is a fruit or vegetable .