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Monday, September 24, 2007

Today Is Tuesday

Very good morning everybody

i just able to access my blogger account after 4days. so i post lot of images today . please keep scrolling . Once again all images were taken by my friend Bhavar garg . He went some good places to photography and shoot some great and amazing images . I got some of them before some time as my friend come with his 5 mp camara from canon . I would also try to post them today . I brought this into photoshop . I had not find anthing to do sth with it .Images is really good . So i only use lens blur from filter menu.
Last night i found a good article about where photographer should shoot for making good money . Here is link 47 thinks people will pay you to shoot .Please chek out their web site for more good articles on photography . . Once agian i my blogger denied to post my next images . I don,t what is problem . So now i have to quit and will come after some time .