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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sadhu (Saint)

This photo taken on yesterdsay from Banswar ‘s new bus stand .As my friend Bhavar garg went to near sadhu to capure his image at once sathu get himself ready to being captured . After some time sadhu’ guru come and stop my friend to capturing images. He told my friend that never try to capture photos of Agori Baba. My friend had nice coversation with Aghori Baba and herad his views very patiently. Sadhu Reveal amazing secret to us that they are belongs to non Photographic zone . Overall We are indian and we have a great respect for Sadhu Sanyasi. I think they are a true replica of old india.Long live Sadhus .Want to know more about hindu sadhu .Check out this link .worth to give read .Here is linkrural india