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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Palash A Most Beautiful Tree On The Earth

This is image of Palash tree .I think palash is most beautiful tree on the earth . I like this very much .I post this image within half an hour of image was captured .Palash is used to make red color in rural india. Color made by plaash’s flower is being used to in play Holy festival in rural India.>rural india


sg_18 said...

Nice to know abt Palash tree. I would like to know more abt palash tree. I am from pune. where in pune can i get to see this tree

Kanan said...

Thanks I was looking for Palash pic to show my friends how the flower looks like beak of a parrot and hence called 'Kimshuk' in Sanskrit. And I found this photograph.

Above poster, I am a Pune native, I don't recall seeing Palash in Pune. But if you travel to Aurangabad from Pune by road around March-April you will fine Palash lined up on both side of road. Hope this helps.

Anoop Kumar said...

when palash flower bloom in the jungle its looks fire every where and hole tree looks BEAUTIFUL