Digital town picture

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ludkan Baba

I would like to write for this image . I wanted to post this image before 2 days but I could not post this because of blogger had been collapsed for days in my pc . Ludkan baba had come in our town last week.
Luckily My friend had been come from his office and saw ludkan baba . At once he opened his camera and capture this image . Before this I had no knowledge about ludkan baba . He told me how ludkan baba have been wondering for spiritual places one by one by lying on road constantly for several years . In fact I amazed to hear this fact about ludkan baba .
One thing I would like to share with you that I care my friend so much . He is a nice and intelligent man for me . He have been helping me regularly for last years . Truly he is a excellent guy . If you are looking for Photoshop video tutorial. Here is link . see you tomorrow .