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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

NO IMage

Today I got nothing from friend .He had a minor accident yesterday. He called me on mobile from his school and inform me about accident . Generally he drives very slowly so it is very shocking to know that he made the accident . Fortunately he got only minor injuries on his left leg . In the evening my friend explained what was happened earlier today . I am thankful to god that everybody is safe .
Early this morning both we Complete a excellent font effect using some layer style and channel palatte . we use some filter to attain desire results as well . Before this we read a very good tutorial on internet about font effects . I Forget this site name so I post his link next time I post .
Now back to today’s post . Today I have two images for post . This picture is of ludkan baba . He is very famous for his spiritual journey through by laying on the road .
Today I decided to make DVD is comprise several pictures shoot by my friend for last 6 month . At this moment I am telling my manish (friend) how to install os on pc through his bulky and unbreakable mobile phone. So I discontinued internet connection to attend his call. He made several call in last half an hour. Finally I received his call . He came our office 4 hours ago . we are very discontented with his attitude for the graphic designing . He always make promises but never execute them . Now I am waiting for his another call for further instructions to how install os . Today I searche on internet for freeware to convert my mpeg to avi. At the present I am writing my post offline.

Today I found very good video podcast for illustrator on internet . Here is link .