Digital town picture

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Garg Photography

Today i want to post two images of friend . I shoot this image last week . Both we went to famous temple of sai baba . Suddenly I thought to take a picture . It was getting darker . I think this was my first image from our new digital camera so I enjoyed very much . I am not professional photographer like my friend so at first I had trouble to handle camera. I was follow my friend instruction .
He show me how change digital camera setting according to situation . It was nice to hear his word for photography . Yesterday my buddy manish and I went to my friend school . It was saind to know that my friend was on leave. Both we returned back to our town . we were on motocyle . My friend had no money in his pocket . so I gave him 20 rupees fo petrol .

Now come back to photoshop. As always I take it into photoshop and do some alteration . I reduce size and resolution . I decrease resolution 200 to 72 . For saving this picture I use save for web dialog box . If you are photographer please visit for camera reviews . Have great Sunday . enjoy!

bhavar garg bhanvar